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About Us

elderly woman with her caretaker smilingAmens Care, Inc. is the leading provider of quality home care services located in Redford, Michigan. Our long years in the provision of care to the general public has earned us a reputation of being the pioneer in the delivery of a unique, person-centered, family approach delivery of care. Through the years, we have built up experience, which fine tunes our methods in delivering services to our growing market.

We are bound to respond to the immediate needs of our clients no matter what time of the day, no matter what season it may be; this duty to serve allows us to let our clients get the opportunity of maximizing the quality of life they have.

In the years of practice, we have innovated our delivery of care in such a manner that comfort is greatly enjoyed by our clients at their very own home. We inculcate into the hearts of our staffs, who are sent to the homes of our clients, to always render the services with compassionate, respect, and dedication. This is the main reason why our clients are always looking up to working with us because of this kind of care that sets us apart from the rest.