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caregiver accompanying an elderly womanDoes your loved one need a friend? Or just someone to talk to? Maybe just a little help around the house? If it can’t be you, then let our staffs be the ones to help them!

You will never worry about who your loved ones are with at home, as we assure you of the peace of mind that professionals deployed from Amens Care, Inc. are reliable, trustworthy, dependable, whose security background are checked.

On the other hand, we see to it that more than companionship, we also provide light housekeeping services. Just like all the other services we offer, everything else is individualized so that it will meet the demands of your loved ones.

Whatever the needs your loved ones may have at home when you are not around, be at peace with the fact that Amens Care, Inc. is ready to assist you in every step of the way. Your loved ones will greatly enjoy the moment that they have shared with our friendly, caring, and approachable staff that we deploy to your homes! This is the brand of service that we are known for.

This is the kind of service that we will continue to extend and refine so that all our clients will benefit from what we have to offer to them.